5 Must-Have Factors to Build a Successful Website

Traditional marketing techniques have taken a backseat in the pandemic era. Your organization’s front door is its digital presence. When we talk about digital presence, the first thing that comes to mind is a website. A website development company in Kolkata suggests that “A decent website won’t make much difference when it comes to converting visitors into loyal customers and brand evangelists”. There must be an X-factor about your website. There are thousands of templates available to make the foundation of your online presence but to differentiate it from today’s competitive world, you need to consider the following 5 factors.

1. Design and functionality
A website is a replica of your company, brand, products, and services. It is essential for any website to look appealing and posh, as it is a touch point for consumers who are watching you online. To make it appealing, you can make it clutter-free, use quality photographs, and use eye-catchy graphics.

The site must also function swiftly, accurately, and as intended. Build to web standards, proofread thoroughly, and test for performance and functionality issues regularly. Because any of your pages might be a potential customer’s first or only impression, they should always be quick and functional. Areas that are broken, sluggish, or poorly made will annoy your guests and drive them to leave.

2. Mobile Optimized

In today’s time, when we hear about any company, the first thing we do is take out our mobile phones and toggle through its website. It is essential for any company to make its website mobile-friendly. The rise of mobile and tablet devices shows no signs of stopping, and you never know what your next visitor may be using. Mobile optimization will enhance both your experience and your SEO rankings. 

3. User-friendly
Visitors to your website are constantly in a rush. Make them work for information, not for you. User Experience (UX) is essential for assisting visitors in using, understanding, and remaining on your website. Create a clear structure and apparent, logical navigation. For functioning across the site, use similar layouts and visual cues.

4. Location and contact information
Your viewers will not pursue you. Make it simple to become involved by providing various points of contact, such as phone, email, social media, and maybe a simple contact form. A Google map is a nice touch. Adding a contact page is a safe option.

5. Search Engine Optimization
You have taken into consideration the above-mentioned factors and built a great website. But what if your website does not crawl and there is no traffic generation? All the efforts of design and development will go in vain. To avoid such circumstances, you need to optimize your website in a way that will allow it to crawl in an upward direction in the search engines and generate traffic. It can be done in various ways. Some of them are:

  • Use meta tags and page titles on every page
  • Use Alt tags on images
  • Use proper keywords

While the majority of the factors that contribute to a successful website are related to the user experience and your brand, it’s also important to understand and use technology, data, and feedback to improve your website over time. As you move toward the fantastic website you require, these essential concepts will assist you in gaining additional value from your web presence. Marko and Brando has successfully built a significant website for more than 300 clients. They have been regarded as one of the best website developers in Kolkata. If you are someone looking to build an online presence that will drive traffic, connect with us!

January 20, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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