Digital Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

Digital Marketing Strategies For Restaurants In 2023

Restaurants don’t run on word of mouth these days.

And on top of that, today you’ll get to see a restaurant on every corner, especially in the streets of Kolkata.

Needless to say along with hundreds of flavors under one roof, you need digital marketing strategies for your restaurants too.

And if you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Kolkata

We’ll come to your rescue when your online presence is at steak!

Remember how in Emily in Paris Emily’s social media strategies helped Gabriel’s restaurant closer to a Michelin star? Well, that’s the power of social media and a good social media agency!

Now we don’t promise a Michelin star but we hope 5 stars on search engines would suffice?

As much as your restaurant needs a zesty menu it also needs a flavorful marketing strategy. And for that, you of course need a cream-of-the-crop marketing agency.

But before we tell you what we can do for you, let’s get into the deets of some digital marketing strategies for your restaurants:

Digital marketing agency in kolkata

Build your website

The first impression of your restaurant is not the aromatic smell that lingers when your customer enters your restaurant. Or even how elegantly you’ve decorated your storefront.

But it’s your website!

In this digital era websites are the first thing that forms a notion about your brand. Your website shouldn’t be just a digital leaflet of information, it has to be engaging and eye-catchy. You can go experimental with the content of your website.

You can put graphics and images of your restaurant, and you can also put other information like a backstory of your restaurant where you can talk about the driving force behind your venture. This added personal touch is sure to make the audience want to visit your restaurant.

On point SEO

Well, just like James Bond likes his Martini “Shaken, not stirred”, search engines like your content SEO-friendly not unoptimized.

When people need to visit a restaurant, they typically search ‘Best Restaurants near me’, you need to make sure that your name is the one that appears on top. Your website should make you a local hotspot and that is only possible through A1 SEO strategies. SEO is a hard nut to crack, so you need to be consistent with the keywords and other strategies, and the rest leave it to your finger-licking meals!

Keep your social media updated

Social media is the key ingredient of your online presence. You need to keep coming up with good social media strategies and posts to upscale your business. You can have engaging polls about food, and interesting campaigns where you can give out free meals or discounts to the audience.

You need to add some flavor to your social media stories and posts. Remember how in Emily in Paris Emily made Gabriel’s debut video as a chef that escalated his customers as soon as the video hit the internet?

Now you need something like that!

You can come up with an engaging strategy for your best chef since the face of your restaurant shouldn’t be the chef’s special on the menu…
Why not the chef himself?

Or you can even show some BTS and what goes behind the plate of food.

Strategies like these are sure to grab the attention of the customers.

Influencer marketing

To get more footfall in your restaurant you definitely need credibility. You need people to vouch for your food. And in this digital marketing era, influencers are the top dogs. Online audiences today keep their full faith in influencers regarding product and service suggestions.

You need to do your research and look for the right online influencers And if you manage to get food bloggers, well now that’s ‘delish’!

Influencer marketing works two ways, you can either pay them or gift them free meal cards or discounts in exchange for their promotional posts on social media.

Email marketing

It’s important to have a database of your customers, this will help you understand consumer preferences and behavior. You can have an online feedback form that will enable you to know how you can improve your quality of experience and cuisine and also with the contact information, you can send them emails about exciting offers and new dishes in your restaurant.

These emails should be exciting and engaging yet not too pushy.

Growing your Restaurants with digital marketing will be a piece of cake with us!

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January 6, 2023

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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