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Common Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid

You might wonder that you have ideated a good campaign with creative copy so what is it that’s hindering results?

With the changing algorithms and the minute technicalities, you might be committing a few common mistakes in google ads that you don’t know about.

Google ads open your brand to reach your target audience in a matter of minutes which is why it is crucial for your business to hop on the Google Ads jamboree.

Well, you can think of Google Ads as a magical wizard of the digital marketing age, waving its wand to make you appear forth to millions of users. It helps you reach your audience at the right place, at the right time, and with the right message.

Whether you’re trying to increase your sales or brand awareness, google ads have got you all covered! So, you need to make wise use of Google Ads Pay Per Clicks (PPC) to turn your investments into revenue via ads.

But if you’re struggling to make your ad campaigns reach your desired outcome, probably there isn’t just one fly in the ointment that is not letting your ad perform the way you planned. There might be several account killers at work that are going unnoticed.

Let’s break it down for you. Given below are a few google ads mistakes you can avoid:

Ignoring Negative Keywords

Irrespective of the match types your keywords use, you’ll probably match to queries that aren’t relevant to your business. By adding negative keywords, you can inform Google that you do not want your advertisement to appear for these searches. You can avoid using keywords that are a poor match for your goods or services by using negative keywords. They allow you to exclude certain keywords from triggering your ad, which can save you money and improve the relevance of your ads to your target audience.

Conversion Tracking

Marketers today import conversions from CRMs like Salesforce, use call tracking, put conversion tags on any number of pages, and extract conversion events from Google Analytics.

Although this additional perspective on the conversion process is quite beneficial, it can also lead to a lot of clutter. It is more difficult to detect double recording of conversions or the continued populating of existing ones. Driving traffic to your website may be a goal of yours, but that doesn’t mean that every visitor should become a buyer. These are easily measurable using existing metrics like Google Ads clicks or Google Analytics pageviews.

Creating only one Ad Variation

One of the most common mistakes in google ads is to create only one ad with only one variation. if you want to increase your conversion rate and reduce expenditures it’s crucial to have numerous ad variations. try them out to see which one converts better, even if you use the same headline or description. And once you’ve found out what works the best you can stop running the ad and make a slightly modified version of it. After that, you can carry on split testing.

Lack Of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are crucial since they help you expand and optimize your ad copy. You only have a set amount of space and characters to deal with when creating your ads, which will be employed for the descriptions and headlines. Ad extensions are ideal if you want to make up for the restrictions. Some of the ad extensions you can use are location, site links, calls, structured snippets, and callout extensions. Your prime goal is to occasionally peek at the extensions tab to determine which extensions perform better. The ones that don’t convert can then be put on hold or changed for a better version.

Not using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is hands down one of the best marketing tools, and it applies no additional cost too. By connecting the AdWords conversion monitoring with Google Analytics, you may be able to see all the data that your AdWords campaign generates. You may create AdWords advertisements for particular products or product categories using the product status information from Google Analytics.

By avoiding these common Google Ads mistakes, you can improve the performance of your campaigns and reach more of your target audience with greater efficiency

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February 8, 2023

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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