Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Ad Strategy Is Better For Your Brand?

Thinking of running a digital ad? Well, we know what got you here.

By now you of course know how important it is to be digitally active with the
technologically evolving world and all that jazz…

And you know that what conveys your stories at scale and context are- Digital Ads!

The most effective mediums of advertising today are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These two platforms have been running the ad market for a long time now.

Advertising has been the soul of business, and that is what brings you to the consumer’s notice. Traditional mediums of advertising won’t cut the deal anymore. Door-to-door salesmen, Banners, Tv commercials, and leaflets are too last season. You are already aware that you have to gain traction within a quick minute or a few seconds since nobody has the time for these.

Now the question that puts you on the horns of a dilemma here is ‘which is better google ads or facebook ads’?

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Now that sounds like a catch-22 situation.

Well, seeing how these platforms work, we can say only one thing: ‘it depends’. You need to analyze the market and decide what can work in favor of the brand.

Whether you have a limited budget or not, investing in ads is a mediated decision and you have to be very careful about it. The chances of your campaign going downhill increases if you fail to pick the correct platform.

These platforms have made an effective impact in the business world and every business big or small is clinging to Facebook and Google ads to increase their reach.

Google Ads will help your business to find the right audience and Facebook Ads will help your audiences to find the right business for their needs, which is- YOU!

One can be better than the other but that is solely dependent on your marketing objectives, your target audience, and your brand value.

Does that seem like a vague answer to you? Yeah, we understand. Ironing this one out could make your heads scratch.

But we don’t think a tug-of-war between google ads and facebook ads would break it down for you.

By now you know that both these platforms work differently and making that decision is swayed by a lot of factors. So let’s understand how differently these platforms work and what factors would help you pick one.

Google Ads

which is better google ads or facebook ads

Google ads is the most popular PPC platform today. It is one of the best tools to increase your brand awareness. PPC or Pay Per Click is when you have to pay a certain amount every time a user clicks on your ad.

As you know search engines are running the ad market today, so ranking on google search should be the first thing on your agenda. With the help of keyword planner on google, you can get real time keyword data. No other search engine is capable of giving you the traction like Google so using these keywords wisely will definitely help you rank on top.

Now most people have a misconception that ‘the larger the budget the better the results’, but that is not the case. Google gives priority to ‘relevance’, if your ad and content is relevant to the user then your name is likely to flash on top! With Google Ads you can advertise on Google Search, Youtbe Ads, Google Performance Max, Google Maps and Google Display Network.

Facebook Ads

google ads and facebook ads

Facebook ads are the prime example of social media advertisement. It has the highest number of MAU or Monthly Active Users that will help you achieve the most fruitful ROI on your campaigns.Just like Google, facebook collects a lot of data too. From the pages you like to the vacation you had, all of this data is stored by faceook and is utilised to analyse the audience’s interest according to which your ad will flash on their screens.

Facebook ads are not limited to just facebook’s app, it also includes Instagram feed, facebook feed, Facebook messenger, facebook marketplace, messenger, etc.

Our Take

We hope this helped you grasp the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads. But….
Keeping all contrasting factors in mind, it would be wise to use an omni-channel ads strategy. This involves using both Facebook and Google ads to run your campaigns.

In our opinion, an amalgamated approach of both these platforms will allow you to expand your brand awareness and revenue both. Facebook Ads will increase your brand’s outreach whereas Google Ads will show your brand to people who are searching for a product or service that you offer.

So instead of being confused about ‘Google Vs Facebook’, go for Google and Facebook.
It is important to focus on both these platforms instead of one. Facebook ads and Google ads are like a matchbox and a matchstick, and to spark up your quality leads they should go hand in hand.

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January 12, 2023

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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