Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 to take advantage of in India

The entire marketing concept has changed totally with the popularization of the internet and social media, the prevalence of technology, and the world is becoming a more connected place. Marketing is no longer limited to traditional methods. Digital marketing trends are always evolving and dynamic and the Digital Marketing Trends of 2022 has taken one step forward in doing the same.

Every year, we see new and surprising digital trends appear, laying the groundwork for the future of marketing.

1. Artificial Intelligence:
On our list, this is the most important digital marketing trend of 2022. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been causing a stir around the world, with predictions that it would soon take over every aspect of human existence. We don’t recognise it, but the transformation has already begun. Sixty per cent of internet users have used an AI chatbot to answer questions across numerous apps and websites.

2. Search intent is the king:
Every search has a purpose. Google tries to figure out what our search queries mean and what kind of content we’re looking for. Google prioritises human-centric optimization over algorithm-centric optimization. Indeed, several of Google’s advanced machine learning algorithms, such as BERT and MUM, are used to make the search engine “more human.”  So that, the search engine should be able to comprehend data as well as humans.
To do better in the case of search engines, we need to design and plan more optimised content keeping in mind the search intent. There are three Cs (content type, content format, and content angle) that are important for search intent.

3. Influencer marketing is growing:
Influencer marketing trends have picked up steam in 2021, aiding companies and brands in achieving high levels of reach and engagement. Influencers have “super fans” that follow them and interact with them everywhere they go. That means they present a brand or a company to a large number of audiences who can be their potential customers. It is used by many social media marketing agencies in Kolkata for their clients.

4. Omnichannel marketing is important:
Omnichannel marketing is popular because it enables you to provide a pleasant customer experience at every point of the customer lifecycle and build a strong brand reputation across every platform. It all comes down to providing customers with access to your products, offers, and customer service across all channels, platforms, and devices. This is a trend that many brands are following. For example, Lenskart allows you to order through an online store, website, phone call, or visit a local store.

5. Interactive content creation:
Customer content experiences are improved with engaging content. Several research and polls conducted in recent years clearly reveal that using interactive content over static information improves the audience experience by capturing their interest and keeping them on the webpage or social media platform for longer periods of time.

Digital marketing trends are focusing on shared experiences in order to create better products, advertise and sell them effectively, and improve the customer experience. To keep on top of where digital marketing is going in the coming year, it’s essential to understand current digital marketing trends and prepare for future digital marketing trends. Marko & Brando is the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, offering solutions and digital marketing services to its clients based on current industry trends.

January 11, 2022

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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