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Unlocking The Power Of Video: A Guide To Video Marketing Success

If you’re a business owner, you probably know the power of video marketing in this digitally driven world where one video can communicate thousands of information.

Well, if you haven’t considered using the ammunition that videos are, this blog will take you through the most effective video marketing guide for the success of your business.

Power of Videos- Stories that Attract and Convert.

Now if you’re wondering, ‘does my company really needs a video?’. To break it down simply, a video is worth a thousand words. Your audience will only click on what grabs their attention, something that can be easily understood. And as we all know motion graphics has revolutionized the business world with their exemplary power to translate complex information into lucid language.

Videos are the heart of content marketing in today’s scenario. The web is full of information and a multitude of products and services just like yours.

But what would keep you ahead of competitive noise is a ‘video’.

Let’s say you are searching for particular information or a product on the internet. Now, as soon as you hit enter search engines will provide you with a list of options. But what you’re most likely to click on is a short video with graphics.

Why waste time when you can have the information within a couple of minutes? Also, it’s way better than reading a long-format article or a boring blog (unlike this one).

A video could do wonders for your brand, it can be useful in generating traffic, and creating brand awareness, sales, conversions, and much more. It basically bridges the gap between you and your audience in the most innovative way.

Now let us guide you through the key elements of video marketing.

A guide to video marketing

A video lets you introduce your brand in a creative way to the audience. To get your brand in the knowhow of the audience and to keep them glued to your page, you only have a few seconds to do that. Let’s see how you can make it count with a video.


No matter the age of your audience, and no matter the evolution of technology, a story will always bag attention. People love a good story, the sentiment that resonates with your audience’s needs is sure to gain their interest. Your video content should align your services with the consumer’s pain point, and the numberless way it can solve their problems.

Choose the best platforms

You need to pick a platform where your video will perform the most. You may have a stupendous video but it won’t advertise itself, you need to put it forth to an audience on a platform that is sure to gain maximum traction. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most effective platform these days. Adding a video to your website will help you rank better, this increases the possibility of the audience staying on your website for a longer time.

CTAs (Call To Action)

A video is only complete when you add a CTA to it. No matter how engaging a video is it will not drive action without a CTA button. A CTA nudges the viewers in the right direction. You may add it at the end of the video indicating what the viewer should do next. Or add mid-roll cues as overlays during your videos.

Set a Budget

You need to strategically plan a budget before you move forward with your video. Plan what you’ll produce or shoot in-house and if you want to outsource to a production company or digital marketing company. This is one of the most important factors in a video marketing guide since budgeting should be the first step.

Know your Target Audience

You need to make your video keeping in mind a particular target audience, you should first chalk out who is your target audience. Make sure your video consists of everything your targeted audience needs. The video must clearly communicate who your target audience is, what is your product about and how is it helpful to the viewer.

Marko & Brando- creating marketing solutions through creative visuals

A video is the best way to create brand awareness and bring your company to the know of people. Needless to say, a bland video with basic slides won’t really grab attention, right?

What you need is the best digital marketing agency in kolkata that will help you climb ladders with the magic of a video. Marko & Brando is here to help you do it!

With a team of the most creative video makers and experience in backing above 1000 brands stand out, we strive to help you grow digitally with our out-of-the-box visual storytelling.

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February 6, 2023

Posted By: Marko & Brando

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