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In the vast digital landscape, we stand distinct, merging creativity with unparalleled skill. Our evolution in Kolkata's digital scene is noteworthy, driven by passion and precision. Our team, a fusion of visionaries and tacticians, consistently pushes the envelope. Every project we undertake is a testament to our prowess, weaving tales that not only engage but also inspire. We're not just about clicks; we're about memorable connections.

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We craft marketing strategies that are entirely unique and tailored to your brand's needs.

Transparent Reporting

We provide our clients with regular, transparent reports detailing the performance of their campaigns, fostering trust and accountability.


Our teams of experts, designers and developers focus on delivering tangible results, whether its increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, or improved brand awareness.


We provide a wide range of services from web development to email marketing to marketplace management, making our agency the one-stop-shop for your digital marketing needs.


Our Pioneering Projects

Website & Graphic Design


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Website, Ads & Design


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Website & Graphic Design

Diamond Group

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Website & Digital Ads


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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing might seem as perplexing as Farhan from "3 Idiots," but rest assured, we'll be your Rancho and guide you through it all. From marketing to audience targeting, we'll make it a breeze.


Remember all those engaging ads you see while scrolling through your phone? Your brand can be right there. We can place you on websites, social media, search engines, display and video ads, sponsored content, and more.

Design and Branding

Mera naam hai Digvijay Patil, and I am a brand." Unlike him, we'll help your products with the right design and branding because design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Search Engine

As the saying goes, "Our team of experts will make your brand sweeter than jaggery." We focus not only on increasing non-paid traffic but also on optimizing keywords, content creation, performance monitoring through analytics, and much more.

Web Development

Our in-house experts will bring your brand's digital world to life. Every click, scroll, and interaction is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional user experience.

Pan-India Presence

Digital Excellence in  30+ Cities

From Kolkata's cultural tapestry to Indore's business hubs, our digital signature is unmistakable. We resonate with each city's aspirations, turning dreams into digital realities. Whether it's an e-commerce venture in Surat or a tech startup in Bhubaneswar, we're the guiding force. Our vast presence across India's dynamic cities speaks of our commitment and prowess. Together, we redefine India's digital narrative.


What Our Clients Say

When my Google posts were causing trouble, Team Marko & Brando came to save the day! These guys know their stuff – from design and web stuff to social media and getting us found on Google.It's no surprise they're the kings of web design in Kolkata. They fixed my problems super fast, and we've been going strong for almost five years now. Their work? Absolutely top-notch!

Divya Bihani

Gotta give a big shoutout to Team Marko & Brando – they're like branding superheroes! They built our website exactly how we wanted, and working with them has been a breeze. In the world of digital marketing in Kolkata, these guys are definitely the ones you can trust.


A digital marketing agency that combines SEO mastery with the art of social media. Their Google Ads finesse yielded tangible results, while their holistic approach to digital marketing expanded our brand across various marketplaces. A true partner in our online success story.

Scarlet Splendour

Our social media game is really stepping up, all thanks to Team Marko & Brando! Our followers are growing steady, and these guys have been super on point with getting things done on time. Our sales have shot up big time, and let me tell you, compared to other social media folks in Kolkata, these guys are doing an awesome job.


Marko's team always clarified my queries as the project went along and they demonstrated a clear understanding of the scope and nature of the project and delivered it accordingly.


Marko and Brando has proved to be a one stop solution for all my marketing needs. The process of understanding my choice and requirement to deliver it has been very smooth always.

Fine Jewellery

Meet Our Team



Say hello to the Fearless Leader, forging a path to digital wonderland with zeal



Our Branding Maestro, the virtuoso behind our unique identity, sprinkling stardust on brands



Say hello to our Advert Artisan, painting the town with ROI-driven campaigns.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In this digital era, startups across India need robust digital marketing services to enhance their online presence. Marko and Brando stands out as one of the premier digital marketing agencies in India, dedicated to propelling startups to achieve their online goals.

It's essential to consider factors like budget, demonstrated results, expertise of team members, your specific needs, and overarching objectives. Marko & Brando offers targeted and conversion-driven digital marketing strategies, ensuring businesses generate quality leads.

Marko & Brando provides a comprehensive suite of services, including Website Development, Web Designing, Social Media Marketing, Graphics Designing, Digital Ad Campaigns, Market Place Management, and Search Engine Optimisation.

Digital marketing, when executed correctly, can offer substantial results for a relatively modest investment, making it a cost-effective strategy. A meticulously planned digital marketing approach can yield significant benefits.

The cost varies based on the specific digital marketing services you opt for. For a detailed quotation, it's best to contact Marko & Brando directly.

Digital marketing is adaptable and can cater to any industry. By evaluating your business objectives, target demographics, and market dynamics, a digital marketing agency can craft a strategy that aligns with your goals.

Success is gauged using key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, and click-through rates. Periodic reports and analytics offer insights into the efficacy of the campaign.

Regular communication is pivotal. Most agencies, including Marko & Brando, provide monthly performance reports. However, they remain accessible for any interim queries or updates.

Agencies typically offer flexibility in their service offerings. You can select specific services tailored to your business needs or opt for a holistic digital marketing package.

The duration varies based on the strategies in play. While certain campaigns, like PPC, yield immediate results, others, such as SEO, might necessitate a longer timeframe to manifest visible outcomes.